Wordpress Cache Hacks

Posted: October 22, 2013 in General, Wordpress

This is an older article, but still relevant as I am hearing some sites are still being compromised by hack exploits.   WordPress is pretty stable, but as you can see adding 3rd party plug-ins can make it vulnerable to attacks.  It also good to keep the sites and plug-ins  up-to-date, and always check third party plug-ins before using them.    So, if you run a Word Press site with these third party plug-ins listed below, you will want to check out this post below and double check your site.

Update WP Super Cache and W3TC Immediately – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Disclosed

By  on April 23, 2013


To be honest, the sites I had used some cache plug-ins, I deleted and removed the plugins.  I didn’t trust it after seeing the results of sites being hi-jacked, and reading this article by Tony.  Thanks to Tony Perez for posting on his blog at the above link.  But as always, review and make your own judgement.


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