A very good article on the use of JSON in a VagrantFile. Thanks to Gary for posting this! It is a great example of multiple machine provisions with Chef and the use of Vagrant. 

Programmatic Ponderings

Create and manage ‘multi-machine’ environments with Vagrant, using JSON configuration files. Allow increased portability across hosts, environments, and organizations. 

Diagram of VM Architecture3


As their website says, Vagrant has made it very easy to ‘create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.’ Based on Ruby, the elegantly simple open-source programming language, Vagrant requires a minimal learning curve to get up and running.

In this post, we will create what Vagrant refers to as a ‘multi-machine’ environment. We will provision three virtual machines (VMs). The VMs will mirror a typical three-tier architected environment, with separate web, application, and database servers.

We will move all the VM-specific information from the Vagrantfile to a separate JSON format configuration file. There are a few advantages to moving the configuration information to separate file. First, we can configure any number VMs, while keeping the Vagrantfile exactly the same. Secondly and more importantly, we can re-use the same Vagrantfile to build…

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wiki-software-developI have been doing Build and Release Management for the last 10 years, and I often see questions or posts on the future of Build and Release Management.  What’s next for those doing Build and Release Management?    That’s a question we keep seeing.   Read the rest of this entry »

power-phplistThanks to Jesse Heap for making a plug in for PHPLIST.  I found some code from GNU , and was able to modify the plug in to accept the Captcha in the form.  This is a mod to Jesse’s PHPList Form Integration.


PhpLIST is a open source ListServ program that runs on PHP Web platform.  I found CaptchaCode mod  by Alan Fairhall.   However, I needed the Captcha for the Plug in Widget used on WordPress by Jesse Heap.   So, using the CaptchaCode PHP, we are able to accomplish adding Captcha to the Widget.  Here’s how.

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by William Mantz, ITIL Certified Practitioner

Attribution By Perditax (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons - Public DomainIn the IT Change Management process, you are dealing with all types of change requests from any direction. In the data center alone, just think of all the countless number of Applications that are supported when you look at racks of infrastructure. This rack of equipment, as you know, serves up the IT application and Service, and has cross-platform and cross-product connections. Then, we layer on the disparate contacts for each IT application we need to reach out with a communication.

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by William Mantz,  ITIL Certified Practitioner
InterconnectionAs ITSM practitioners, we are often asked why ITIL Service Management starts with the foundation of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or what is called Configuration Management System (CMS).

The value that this configuration data provides can be shown this way.   First, it starts with the architecture map. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress Cache Hacks

Posted: October 22, 2013 in General, Wordpress

This is an older article, but still relevant as I am hearing some sites are still being compromised by hack exploits.   WordPress is pretty stable, but as you can see adding 3rd party plug-ins can make it vulnerable to attacks.  It also good to keep the sites and plug-ins  up-to-date, and always check third party plug-ins before using them.    So, if you run a Word Press site with these third party plug-ins listed below, you will want to check out this post below and double check your site.

Update WP Super Cache and W3TC Immediately – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Disclosed

By  on April 23, 2013


To be honest, the sites I had used some cache plug-ins, I deleted and removed the plugins.  I didn’t trust it after seeing the results of sites being hi-jacked, and reading this article by Tony.  Thanks to Tony Perez for posting on his blog at the above link.  But as always, review and make your own judgement.


Posted: June 26, 2009 in General

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